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Cheryl L Berkenpas

I want to thank Sharon for her help in getting me a long term care policy. She found a great policy for me and it was something I could afford. She kept me informed as to where we were with the application process and answered all of my phone calls and emails quickly. She definitely had my best interests in mind and I never got the feeling that she wanted to just sell an insurance policy. I am recommending her to friends and family. Thank you Sharon for finding a plan for me. I only wish that there were more insurance persons around like you. Cheryl

Deshy Kinfu

Sharon was excellent to work with. I felt like I was speaking to a friend while also getting the professional input of seasoned LTC insurance consultant. She answered all my questions, sometimes multiple times to ensure I understood what my LTC insurance will provide. I highly recommend her and have recommended her to family and friends. Thank you, Sharon, for your excellent service. You are the best. Deshy

John D

Sharon is a pleasure to work with and a wealth of knowledge! Policies were explained in a way that was easy to understand and all my questions were answered. Her follow up is OUTSTANDING! I was never left in the dark over next steps or what to do next. Her warmth and compassion was an unexpected bonus and I truly appreciate all the help she provided me.

Timothy Rexrode

Sharon did a great job helping me choose the right policy for my long term care insurance. She responded quickly and answered all of my questions professionally.

Carol Bray

Sharon was most helpful in helping me change my coverage, in a timely way. She has always given me excellent service for which I am thankful and which is greatly appreciated.


Purchasing long term care insurance can be stressful. Sharon was always available and responsive to questions and concerns. She is knowledgeable and highly professional.

Michael P

Sharon Krieger is very knowledgeable and friendly. She is a customer advocate and a pleasure to deal with. She educated us on our options and speaking to her is like talking to an old friend. I give Sharon my highest recommendation if you are looking for insurance policies or any other products/services she has to offer.

Teresa Bergman-Rich

Sharon Krieger was a pleasure to work with. She was very knowledgeable and guided us perfectly through the whole process. I highly recommend her. Thanks Teresa


Sharon, Thanks so much for helping us throughout our enrollment process. You were a true delight.  You made all the unsure stuff seem so simple. I really appreciate all the help and hand holding you did :) Ronnie

Benjaudys kerekes

Sharon was just the best person to come across while making such a difficult and challenging decision.  She was really knowledgeable and easy to work with!!!!! Thank you Sharon !!!! You rock!! !!!!

Anonymous and Very Thankful

Today I made a courtesy phone call to Sharon and advised her that I’d be continuing work with other financial professionals. Specifically I told Sharon that in response to my rising LTC premiums, I was up to my neck in LTC analysis with another LTC agent and my financial planner, AND that I’d simply be wasting her time. To my unexpected surprise and pleasure she assured me that this was okay because she doesn’t pull clients from other agents. Sharon then pleasantly guided me through a 20-minute analysis of my LTC policy, explained in-detail features within my policy, as well as procedures within the issuing company on how I might reduce premiums by opting for a reduced inflation rider and/or reduced coverage period. She concluded her remarks by advising me to retain my LTC policy because: (1) At my 71 years of age, the policy was providing me excellent coverage, (2) That a new policy for like coverage would be cost-prohibitive, and (3) That it would be unwise to discard or devalue 11 years of paid premiums. She then e-mailed me a LTC “Cost-of-Coverage” link that captures LTC cost categories (e.g.; In-Home, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, etc.) across the United States. This link further underscored the great value of the LTC policy I already owned! She concluded by asking me to post an online testimonial IF I valued her advice. To that end I hereby assert that Ms. Sharon Krieger is not my agent, BUT that I heartily recommend her services to anyone seeking clarity, experience-based knowledge, and valuable LTC Insurance advice.

Kina S.

Sharon was amazing! She explained all details of long-term care insurance thoroughly. I would highly recommend her services. You never know what circumstances you'll end up in the future. My mind will be at ease knowing these services are available to me. Sharon, thanks again for your assistance.

Greg Karpoff

Sharon was a valuable “find” as my wife and I were searching for long term care insurance. After we had talked with several other agents, Sharon stood out as being very knowledgeable, easy going, and having an ability to clearly explain the complicated ins and outs of the LTC world. We felt like our concerns were being carefully listened to. She patiently answered all our questions in detail, then guided us through the application process. Thank you for making such a difficult process clear and manageable!

Melba Taylor

I feel so much more prepared for the future now that I have Long Term Care Insurance. Sharon provided me with incredible assistance and service. She explained every step of the process; was very candid and sincere in her approach. I will definitely recommend her to family and friends. With Much Gratitude and Appreciation. M. Taylor

Debbie Lengefeld

BEST AGENT EVER!! Sharon took something we had been putting off and dreading and made it so simple for us to understand and decide on a policy that was right for us. Look forward to working with her again in the near future.


Here, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Sharon’s awesome work! Sharon helped me to walk through my LTC application process with her kindness, knowledge, professionalism. I felt like Sharon is my best friend once I felt worries or confusion, she is listening, educating and communicating with me well, she also responded my email quickly each time. Sharon is a wonderful expert on LTC plan. I strong recommend Sharon to the people who would like to have LTC plan.


Sharon is the real deal. She demonstrated unfailing kindness, professionalism,and a graceful tour de force to close the deal; she served me very well!

Cindy Blum

Thank you, Sharon, for going the extra mile for me!! When my LTC application hit a snag, she went above and beyond, to walk me through the process and help me achieve my goal of getting the best policy available. Even though we live in different states and have never met, Sharon felt like a trusted friend from the get-go! Thank you for being so knowledgeable, listening to my needs and making recommendations that would work for me. I am so happy to have the peace of mind that a great LTC policy provides. If you, or anyone you know needs LTC insurance I highly recommend Sharon.


Thank you, Sharon, for helping me find a LTC plan.  Sharon took the time to listen to my needs, questions, etc. She gave me a clear explanation of the LTC market. Her knowledge, honesty enthusiasm are great assets. Thank you for being so friendly and helpful.


Sharon is wonderful to work with. She took quite a lot of time explaining the different policy options to my wife and me. Additionally, she went above and beyond our expecations guiding us through the whole process. We have recomended several family members and friends to Sharon.


Sharon Krieger did a fantastic job of educating and advising me regarding long term care insurance. Thank you so much!

Besime Dedey Brierton

I just want to take this opportunity to say what a help Sharon has been to me. I recently separated from my job and did not want to lose my long-term care policy. When I ran into multiple roadblocks, Sharon was there to help. She found out everything I needed and got me the forms so I could make arrangements to continue my policy. It was a blessing to have a go-to person and she is one of the best! I can't say enough great things about the help I received from her. Sincerely, Bedsime


Thank you Sharon for your insight on LTCi.  Sharon clearly provided an overview of the LTC market and gave me realistic expectations of various alternatives.  Her knowledge, straightforwardness and honesty were very much appreciated.

Sharon Hemphill

As a senior, I am very cautious about whom I trust with personal information. I found Sharon Krieger to be VERY TRUSTWORTHY and customer service oriented! Her knowledge of Long Term Care Insurance, professionalism, and customer interest are qualities of a HIGHLY efficient agent! THANK YOU Sharon Krieger for helping me and putting my mind at ease!


I don't know why someone would go to anyone else but Sharon; she is phenomenal! She is professional, knowledgeable and extremely personable. She helped me with my LTC policy and was there helping me, every step of the way! I referred her to my sisters and will continue referring her to others!


Sharon is the consummate professional. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and experience shone through in every interaction that I had with her. She was quick to respond and follow up, explained clearly the benefits of each policy, and helped me make sense of the many options available to me. Even though I was already familiar with some of my options, she made me aware of others that I had never heard of. Her caring and commitment to finding the best fit for me was evident throughout. I am a raving fan and have already referred people her way. I am so glad to have found her!

Mamie Walters

I just wanted to say how nice it was getting quotes and information from Sharon. She was thorough, professional and timely with her responses. Although I did not participate in the insurance, I would certainly recommend Sharon to others. Thank you. Mamie Walters

Mical Carton

Sharon helped me to obtain a LTC policy, and she also helped with Home Health Care policies for both my husband and me. Her knowledge of what is possible, and what is practical, is exceptional. Hopefully we'll be able to remember everything she advised us re coverage at whatever time we might need it. We are both very grateful for her help in navigating this bewildering world of insurances.

Remington Taylor

Sharon was a joy to work with. She was an excellent guide through the gauntlet of information which was all new and confusing to me and my wife. Sharon made the process painless and was very considerate of our time. Glad to have been able to work with her on this very important step in our life planning.

Jane Greene

I am very grateful to Sharon for her expertise and help in obtaining my LTC insurance. My application was initially declined, but Sharon worked tirelessly with me on an appeal of that decision. Because of her patient guidance and determination my appeal was ultimately approved. Sharon goes above and beyond for her clients, and I recommend her most highly. She’s the best.

Lois Hamilton

Sharon has been terrific with handling my plans for long term care & my Kemper application questions ( and I had a lot of questions). She was knowledgeable and helped me step by step in the process, giving me advice as to how I could get the most from my plans. I would recommend her to anyone as a safe, reliable, and trustworthy person to deal with. As a senior citizen, I respect her information and knowledge for me to make a very good decision on my care. Thank you, Sharon

Carol Craig

I had the pleasure of working with Sharon to obtain long-term care insurance for myself. I found her service and customer focus to be impeccable. Not only did she carefully walk me through all the different options for my own coverage, but when my husband was unable to be covered she steered me to a policy that will help fill the gaps for him. I highly recommend Sharon.

Rena Bezilla

Sharon is the best. My husband and I knew little about long-term care. She explained the coverage thoroughly, answered our questions patiently and laughed at our feeble jokes. We felt no pressure from her to make a decision. When John Hancock questioned my eligibility due to a previous condition, she more than supported me and I was able to get full coverage.  She's a client's agent and we are lucky to have her. Sincerely, Rena and Lynn Bezilla

Jeannette Handler

Just finished reading the comments below.  My husband and I agree with all of the great things being said about Sharon! She is patient, kind, knowledgable, and very responsive. We have dealt with a number of insurance agents over the years and have never encountered this kind of personalized service. I did not qualify for long term care insurance, but she was able to get home health care policies for us at a very reasonable rate. She spent lots of time working with me for, what I suspect, is very little remuneration. We highly recommend her. Jeannette

David A. Dimler

To Whom It May Concern: This is to advise you of the excellent conversation I had with Ms. Krieger on August 13 regarding questions I had about my Long Term Care Insurance policy I have through my previous employment with the Federal government. Ms. Krieger was very knowledgeable about the type of policy I have and was able to answer all of my questions with clarity and specificity. Ms. Krieger also provided me with excellent advice on a number of care issues for me and my wife that I had not previously considered but which were very pertinent to my present and future situations. I am most appreciative of Ms. Krieger's advice and counsel but I am especially grateful for the time she spent answering my questions and for the thoroughness of her explanations. I will most certainly recommend Ms. Krieger to my friends and neighbors who are interested in Long Term Care insurance. Sincerely, Dave A. Dimler

Philip Olivetti

Sharon Krieger - a rare gem and a true professional. Sharon assisted my wife and me with securing long term insurance coverage. We hit a few bumps in the road but Sharon was right there providing needed expertise, understanding and comfort. Just when it looked like our options were closed, Sharon used her extra problem solving skills to recommend an insurance path forward. Totally unexpected, premier class, invaluable service. Could not ask for more.


Can't thank Sharon enough for helping me get the Kemper insurance plan. I wasn't aware of any home health care plan like this. She explained all the positives and benefits so I knew this was the right choice for me. Thanks Sharon.


I have some medical issues, and Sharon in one day contacted many insurers and found the one company that was willing to consider selling me a long-term care policy. Sharon always promptly and accurately answered all my questions, kept me informed of what was happening during the whole process, and is an excellent agent who I highly recommend.

Kelly Ann Bower

Sharon walked me through the details and purchase of the home care coverage plan that would best suit my needs.  What was a very "scary" topic for me became so much less so with her help.  She made me feel comfortable...like I was her only client. Thank you SO much!

Lisa Vohra

Sharon was an absolute delight to work with! She was very warm throughout our phone interview and made the entire process easier to understand. She also stayed on top of my application and answered all my questions quickly.

Carolyn Satterfield

This is our second experience working with Sharon. The first was our long term care policies. We found her to be so easy to work with, answered all our questions and stayed with us until our policies were approved. We just bought the Kemper Home Care policies and, again, she went over and beyond to help us. Thank you, Sharon.

Martha Ward

Sharon Krieger has worked very hard for me for months. She would never give up and would not let me give up. She has always been very helpful and very understanding. I will miss her kindness and friendship. She is the best insurance agent I have ever had.

Dona Wood

Sharon Krieger is awesome! I honestly feel I would not have my long term care insurance without her expertise, knowledge and persistence. I am so grateful for her support and assistance during this lengthy process. Never once was she anything but positive and I really appreciated her tenacity. Thank you Sharon.

Karen Dean

Thanks to Sharon, I was able to obtain Long Term Care coverage that more than meets my needs! Having recently recovered from bilateral knee joint replacements, my situation was not ‘simple.’ Sharon worked to understand my unique situation and needs; thanks to her knowledge and expertise, she was able to recommend just the right policy. She patiently explained all the details and options available and, when the time came to submit an application, she advocated for me and ensured all the details were handled flawlessly. Sharon was personally involved from start to finish, and continues to ‘check in’ with me. She is a top-notch professional and a very caring person; I highly recommend her to anyone lucky enough to connect with her!

Gary & Cyndi Wingo

Sharon is the best insurance agent I have ever worked with. She was able to find my wife a Long Term Care policy even though we thought she was uninsurable due to a medical condition. When we had a billing problem with an insurance company, Sharon spent hours of her time to correct their mistake all the time keeping us informed. You can count on Sharon to do what's best for you.

Mary Ann

Great talking to you today! I know I can always count on you for excellent advice. Signing up for long term care was one of the best decisions I have made and you helped give me the information to make that decision! I would recommend you to anyone who is considering long term care to give them the honest facts.

Jackie Marsh

Sharon assisted me in obtaining Long Term Care insurance and my experience working with her was outstanding. She is very knowledgeable on the topic and answers any questions or concerns you have regarding the various insurance policies that are available. She makes the whole process easy and uncomplicated. I recommend Sharon without reservation to anyone looking for information on or has an interest in applying for Long Term Care Insurance.

Johns W. Hopkins

Sharon has been a blessing for my wife and me. In addition to knowing the ins and outs of insurance policy options and helping us select the best for us, she was a diplomat with insurance carriers when needed, a forceful advocate when required, and worked non-stop until we got exactly what we wanted with exactly the right insurance company. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Sharon is our long standing rep for Long Term Care. She has carried us through many phone calls answering our questions and giving us solid advice. We completely trust her and also find her available, warm and in tune with life.

Jeff and Tish

Sharon is absolutely wonderful! She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. She is always available to answer our many questions as well. Her on-going assistance continues to be invaluable to us and it also ensures us peace of mind. She helped make our decision to purchase LTC insurance an easy one. Thank you Sharon!

Michael Berezin

Sharon is very passionate, dedicated and very personally involved, honest person. A ny one dealing with Sharon will get superior service, attention to detail and will feel comfortable being in good hands.

Gus and Donna Widmaier

Sharon guided us through the entire process of acquiring long term care insurance. She was detail minded. She explained plans/options to us, asked if we understood what she explained and if we had any questions. Sharon is not a one and done sales call. She is an advisor with whom we stay in contact.

Sue Teems

Sharon was very helpful and patient with myself and my husband. She answered all of our questions and advised us in a professional manner. We found her to be very well versed in her field and appreciated her input.

Karen Y

My husband and I were searching for long term care insurance last fall. We found Sharon and are glad we did. She is knowledgeable, professional and personable at the same time.  She always responded quickly to our questions and walked us through the process, helping with many issues and followed up with us at tax time. She is a pleasure to work with.


Even as we move around the world, Sharon has been there to answer questions and help Thanks

Sperry Storm

Sharon was so kind and willing to help us understand the complexities of purchasing long term care insurance. She came to our home and after we had finalized our purchase, she told us she was always available if we ever had any issues. About a year later we were having trouble with the billing and we called Sharon and she quickly got it sorted out for us. About a year went by and again there were some questions in the billing, and again Sharon, true to her word, got involved and got it all taken care of. It was nice to work with someone we could rely on long after the sales process is over.

Joan Furlong

Sharon recently spent time explaining an offer to increase the benefits on my existing LTC policy, reviewing pro's and con's of accepting the offer now rather than waiting for the next offer in three years. Her professional expertise is terrific!

Stan Seidel

Working with Sharon to figure out all the options dealing with long term care insurance for my wife and me was indeed a pleasure. She took the time to answer all of our questions and she treated us like we were family. Thank you, Sharon.


While working with Sharon to find long term care insurance, it felt like I was her only client for she spent all the time with me that I needed to understand everything. I appreciate all her follow-up with me as well. She found insurance for me that others could not. Thank you, Sharon!

Sue Bedard

Understanding/choosing LTI is not Lite-Fare-but- Sharon, through her awesome presentation, makes it seem so! She delivered facts/options of LTI with laser-focused precision,and comprehensive, clear review of all angles- reviewing as often as we needed. Patience,client-centered focus, respect, great humor were hallmarks of her delivery of difficult material. Sharon empowered us in face of that scary realm of LT care. She's an amazing Specialist!

Ingrid Paymar

My husband and I are extremely grateful to Sharon. She helped us with our LTC insurance decisions by providing clear information and choices in a most personable and patient way. In the end, I got a new policy and my husband kept his prior policy that we did not get through Sharon. However, when we had a problem with my husband's policy, Sharon immediately guided us and stepped in to advocate for us - and was successful! She is a lovely person and an outstanding and dedicated professional. We give her a 10 +!!!

Peggy hall

I love Sharon.  She is so personable and helpful. I give her a 10!


Sharon took the mystery out of Long Term Care insurance, and made purchasing the appropriate coverage for my husband and me simple.


Stay with this guys.  You're helping a lot of people protect themselves and their families.  Everyone needs this coverage.  Great job, Sharon.

BJ Ottey

Our financial advisors recommended Sharon R. Krieger as a first-rate professional who would provide as with the best information on Long Term Care Insurance. Sharon was very patient with us since LTC decisions could be a discussion you wish you never had to have. With that said - my partner and I could not wait to meet Sharon for mtg. #2, sign on the dotted line, and be laughing about life and our secure future...since we now had the BEST in LTC and the best in a LTC Specialist!


I'm quite pleased with the information I received on this one. TY!
Sharon was excellent to work with. I felt like I was speaking to a friend while also getting the professional input of seasoned LTC insurance consultant. She answered all my questions, sometimes… Read More

Deshy Kinfu

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